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Learning for the 21st Century.

We've done all the hard work, letting you focus on learning the way that works best for you, when and where you want.

Our work here is all about learning, more specifically, our goal is to provide an online ‘augmented learning experience’ for adults.

An augmented learning experience happens when the learner interacts with the e-learning environment. It is experienced here by the ability for the learner to stop, pause, rewind and replay lessons as often as needed. It is also experienced by the learner's ability to control how much information they absorb at one sitting, and when they receive this information. By adapting to the needs of individual, context-driven instructions can be tailored to the learner’s natural environment. By personalizing instruction offerings, like making courses available 24/7 on any platform, augmented learning has been shown to improve learning performance for a lifetime.

Learning is a joint-effort between the teacher and the student. In that sense, the teacher’s role is more accurately described as that of a facilitator, and the student is also better described as the active learner. In that sense, we make ourselves available as personal facilitator(s) to the students via email, telephone, Skype and our online support system.

After speaking to many adults who dropped out of high school, but that went on to highly skilled jobs, we are convinced that if they had been presented the high school curriculum differently, they would have graduated and likely been able to continue on with higher education (if that was their goals). They were not entirely to blame, if someone was to blame, for dropping out of high school. We firmly believe that the industrial age, one-size-fits-all education system that is still in use in our schools, really only works well for a minority of the population.

Whether YOUR goal is to pass a licensing exam, acquire new productivity, personal development or business skills, it is OUR goal that in everything we offer on this web site we will endeavour to make it work for you -whatever your learning preference is.

We are true digital education content developers, producers and delivery experts. The learning goals between online and conventional classroom courses may be similar, but each course curriculum is designed and published for successful ONLINE learning.

We strive to keep all of our courses up to date as we are made aware of changes in the industry, licensing bodies or student needs. We do this with the support of our own research and the support of our students as they challenge the new exams or requirements of their jobs.

"I passed the AIC exam yesterday on the 1st try. Thanks for the online tutorial, which was a huge help in assisting me to understand the subject matter and be prepared for the exam. 10 days ago I knew nothing about insurance - except for my own basic life, auto and home policies - and today I am certified! Most appreciated.
B.K. in Calgary (Feb 2015)"

Please take some time to visit our course library and let us know how we can help you.
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We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee program unheard of in the education industry. We will stand by you until you are done! Whether it means extending your subscription so you can spend more time learning, or answering a dozen email questions. We will get you through to your learning goals, or passing that exam!

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