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Hire for HIPPA, Train for Skills©

Learn the best ways to hire employees with the attributes necessary for a stable and productive work force.

What is HIPPA?

This seminar discusses recruitment and hiring practices for maximum long-term productivity and performance. It concentrates on the importance of Personal Attributes, in particular, Honesty, Integrity, Personality, Perseverance and Attitude.

Most organizations find that “Promotion from Within” has many advantages; however, it can only be effective if the right candidates have been recruited for entry-level positions. New employees must have the attributes necessary to justify expenditures on training. Learn the best ways to hire employees with the attributes necessary for a stable and productive workforce.

Who is this course for?

This course is for managers and supervisors, but available to anyone wishing to prepare themselves for a promotion into a management position.

How long does it take?

All the material is available to you within minutes of enrolling. The video lessons are available 24/7 and you can watch them from anywhere you have Internet access. This course can be completed in a few hours, a workbook is included to help you follow along and take notes as you watch the video lessons.

How much does it cost?

An affordable one-time payment of $79 gives you immediate access to all the video lessons, as well as all the downloadable documents. The standard access is set for 30 days.

What about Continuing Education Credits?

This course is accredited for 1.5 hours of Continuing Education credits with the Alberta Insurance Council. A passing mark of 70% is required on the included online quizzes to receive your C.E. Certificate.

  • Hire for HIPPA, Train for Skills©
  • $79
  • A course for managers and supervisors on how to hire the right person based on key Personal Attributes.
  • Unlimited Access, 24-7-365
  • From Anywhere, desktop or mobile
  • E-mail support, within 2 business days.
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