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General Insurance - Level 2 Course

Alberta Level 2 General Insurance Agent Licensing Exam Preparation Course.

December 2017 UPDATES

New video lessons were published In December 2017 to reflect changes in the exam.

Who needs this?

If you are getting ready to prepare for and pass the General Insurance Level II Licensing exam with the Alberta Insurance Council, this is a great way to achieve that goal. More than 70% of our students have passed their Level II licensing exam after using this course.

How does it work?

To build this course, I took the material I used to teach in a three days classroom and created a series of condensed video lessons covering all the material you need to learn to be ready for this challenging exam. I added worksheets, mind maps and other relevant documents to support the video lessons in your learning. All of the documents are PDFs that you can download to print and keep as a reference, or you can view them on the screen to save on printing. The choice is yours, and the documents will be there for you for as long as you need them.

I got 82% on Level Two Exam, first try! It took me three attempts with self-study for the Level I. This online-learning works! Thanks for your help! LG (Summer 2016)

How long does it take?

All the material is available to you within minutes of enrolling. The video lessons are available 24/7/365, and you can watch them from anywhere you have Internet access. I recommend you plan to study this material over a few weeks. However, you can go through all the material in a weekend if you want to.

Hi Alain
Great news I passed with a 75%. I would have liked to have received a better mark, but I will live with it. I greatly appreciated your information package, the videos, and notes, I loved the mind maps. Your email help was very helpful.
Thanks Again, Rhonda (Spring 2015)

Is this material current?

YES! As you may know, the Alberta Insurance Council introduced a few major changes to the licensing exams in April 2014. One of the big changes was the addition of scenario-based soft skills questions. The Practice Quizzes have were updated; the last update was December 2017.

This course is always up-to-date with the current exams, which means that you will also find 14 new video lessons based on our Commercial Insurance Courses to help you prepare better for the exam. We also added lessons on Travel and Accident & Sickness insurance in the course material. Another major change was the addition of much more commercial insurance questions than before in our practice quizzes. Some of the new questions cover Farm Insurance, Marine and Aircraft Insurance, Bonds as well as quite a few more Commercial Auto Policies and Endorsements.

Hey Alan,
Thanks for the study session the other week on a Friday i wrote my level 2 yesterday and passed with a 73%. Thanks again for the program.
This information is laid out in such a way that even without even working in the industry I was able to pass my level 1 and 2 exams. I would recommend your courses to anyone who is going to be taking the general level 1 or 2 exams.
Thanks again, JL (Summer 2016)

How much does it cost?

A one-time payment of $259 gives you immediate access to all the video lessons, as well as all the downloadable documents and support you need to prepare for and pass the Level II licensing exam. The standard access is set for three months. IF you ran out of time and you need to extend your subscription to an Insurance Licensing course. A one-time extension for one month is available within one year of the expiration date for the amount of $100. This extension is only valid for the current subscription and is not applicable to significant version upgrades even if the course keeps the same title.

  • General Insurance - Level 2 Course
  • $259
  • This course includes everything you need to prepare for and pass the Alberta General Insurance Level Two Licensing Exam.
  • Unlimited Access, 24-7-365
  • From Anywhere, desktop or mobile
  • Support Ticket system, with response within 1 business day.
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