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Why Online Training?

It is said that with success comes detractors. Well, after 8 years of publishing online courses, we are hearing some ‘interesting comments’ out there. Mostly, it is from people and organizations that are quite invested in their own classroom-based method or that are just plain ignorant of the well-documented facts about eLearning.

Let me first say that I do agree that Online Learning does not work for every learning type, or for every course curriculum available. If you are an intensely kinetic learner, whereas you need to touch and feel, you need to do things with your hands to learn -an online course likely won’t work for you. If the course is designed around a lot of personal coaching, technical skills acquisition, or has to be done in a group, then online learning may not work either. To be honest about it, many of these learning preferences or course delivery requirements aren’t being addressed in a typical classroom anyway.

As I always say, “the proof is in the pudding“. And our proof here resides in the fact that our students are learning, the majority (more than double the provincial average) are passing their licensing exams. And, if the courses offering here were no good, I would not be in business. Right?

One of the common questions that I hear is “how it is that we can offer you great coaching and training at lower costs than a live classroom?” To answer this question, let’s look at why online training, done the right way1, is becoming a preferred option for many professionals needing to keep up with professional and personal development.

First, we will look at pricing, flexibility and quality of teaching.

Teaching in person (LIVE Classroom) is more expensive, because:

  • it requires a location, either rented for the specific session or a permanent location for every class that is offered.
  • usually meals, or at the very least refreshments will be provided to attendees. If not offered for free, the facility still has to have the equipment or services available nearby.
  • someone has to travel, either the facilitator(s) or the attendees to be in the classroom. Travel & lodging is expensive.
  • often requires Audio Visual Equipment rental or purchase (projector, PA system, etc). Quality Audio-visual equipment is not cheap, and it does wear out.
  • requires printing services for attendees' handouts and brochures. Even if held in a hotel conference room, someone has to pay for the hotel providing notepads and pens, right?

Online Training is available 24/7/365

  • online course videos can be played back as many time as the student requires, and on a chosen schedule. This 24/7/365 availability is a critical element for busy professionals that cannot always spare the time to leave the office for a course.
  • it only requires a browser and internet connection, no software to install*. An online course can be viewed on any computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection.
  • handouts and study guides can be printed or viewed on screen.
  • support request or questions can be posted any time of the day on our support ticket system, and a response is usually within 2 business day. No need to wait for the next classroom date.
  • Frequently Asked Questions pages are updated weekly from questions we received from our registered students.

Online Training is better overall because:

  • it is focused on the specific tasks or micro-activities. A course can be only an hour or a week. Each lesson or course targets the learning goals and time does not need to be “padded” to fill a day or even a half-day live classroom session.
  • we provide study tips, note taking and exam prep tips and other learning tools that would not be available in a live classroom because of time restriction. Our Adult Learning Toolbox is a hit with our students, and is available on our YouTube channel. “enough said!”
  • there are no distractions in the classroom (no bullies, clowns or other time-wasters). You control the distractions at home or the office, and you can always pause the course until a more convenient time for you.
  • you learn at YOUR own pace, as fast or as slow as you want. You can repeat a lesson as often as you want, you can even skip a lesson if you really want to.
  • privacy, you can ask a ‘dumb’ question without feeling bad. (there is no dumb question!) No one gets your email address, no one knows who you are unless YOU make the contact. Our mailing lists are NOT shared with anyone outside our company.
  • no limits on time, no classroom schedule to follow. You can start whenever you are ready or when it is convenient for you or your staff. No other learning options can be adjusted to your lifestyle like online training.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no fine print. We will stick with you until you have achieved the learning goal(s), and that includes extending your membership for as long as you need to for a minimal fee. The 3-months subscription period is only there to keep the database streamlined. Since there is no need for a student to access the material once they pass the exam, or complete the course, it is better to just have the subscription terminate automatically.

Go ahead, give it a try with our FREE Learning Toolbox,

  1. done the right way: developing an online course is different from a course that will be presented in a live classroom. The curriculum and outline may be similar, however, the delivery methods and how the curriculum is “assembled” into the final course content is completely different. Doing it right is what we do!)